is a provider of intelligence for the global shipping and shipbuilding industry.

Research is in our DNA.

Our goal: MARITIME RESEARCH PARTNERS will become one of the most important sources of market knowledge and analysis trusted by the global maritime and shipping industry.

Senior stakeholders within the maritime industry need to make informed business decisions. Therefore we are continuously monitoring and analysing the world’s shipping markets.

Our comprehensive range of services keeps our clients up to date on every key maritime sector with rigorous analysis and insightful commentary on past, present and future sector performance.

We offer bespoke customer service contracts tailored to the specific needs of clients, particularly those in the financial, government, insurance, equipment and shipbuilding sectors in the maritime industry.

Our regular survey, our „Maritime Snapshot“, intends to provide a unique perspective on the shipping industry’s most significant long-term trends. To establish a reference point, we also address recent events and the short-term outlook.

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